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Marie & Stacy {meet the members}

“Meet the Members” features the amazing wedding professionals that will be showcasing their craft at the November 14 event! Stacy & Marie curate the amazing wares at Posh Bridal Couture in the Semple Mansion and will be showcasing many pieces at the November 14 Independent Wedding Fair!

posh bridal couture stacy and marieHow does your style differentiate you? The Posh style is classic elegance with a modern edge. Because we are located in the historic Semple Mansion, our setting defines our style with rich fabrics and beading that will stand the test of time. What sets you apart? Posh is set apart from all other stores because our designers are Minnesota exclusive to our store. Stacy and I were very diligent in finding designers that not only can we communicate with at any time day/night/weekend but also that were not found anywhere else in Minnesota. Our brides will not see their dresses on every other bride getting married in Minnesota because there is only one place to find them ~ at Posh!!

What is your favorite part of a wedding? When the groom sees the bride in her wedding gown for the first time!!! Everything for us leads up to that particular moment!!!

Why weddings? Because it is such a happy time in our every person’s life! Stacy and I love hearing every detail about the courtship, proposal and wedding planning. We keep every detail in mind when finding the bride her perfect dress.

What should people know about what you do? People should know that Posh offers an experience you will cherish during the hectic process of planning a wedding. We are truly passionate about building a relationship with the bride and her family and friends. We pay attention to details that make the bride feel special so they can enjoy the process rather than feel overwhelmed. Many of our brides have become our friends!!

What new wedding tradition do you want to get more love? Color ….we LOVE to add color to the gown by using a sash, belt or bright jewelry!!

What do you wish you had known when you started working with weddings? Stacy and I both wish we would have know how emotional it is to work with the brides. Our heart and soul goes into every appointment. We become attached to our brides and not only want them to find the dress but want them to be happy about every aspect of the process.

What are brides and grooms going to see from you at the November event? Posh is thrilled to be part of the ‘Not So Real” wedding! We will be featuring a bridal gown as well as bridesmaids, mothers and flower girls. At our table, we will showcase a few of our favorite gowns that are in our store right now along with a variety of veils, jewelry, purses and shoes! Love the shoes!!!!

Cake or cupcakes? Cupcakes!!! Makes us feel like a kid again!!

Do you ever watch the wedding shows on TV? We do watch Say Yes to the Dress. In fact, we require our staff to watch the show in order to prepare them for anything and everything that can come up in an appointment. Surprisingly, it is very close to the truth and has been helpful in dealing with the emotional side of the process.

posh bridal couture

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