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Northern Minnesota wedding venue Juliane James Place Juliane James Place – Wedding Venue

We are creating a space specifically for creative, intimate weddings. We offer something that very few venues offer in the state–exclusive access to the property for an entire weekend to enjoy your family and friends and take time to enjoy your wedding weekend. Our cost includes the value of this included vacation stay for up to 14 people and the access to vintage and antique items. We have built this love of the artistry of weddings into every detail. For example, instead of folding banquet tables we built wooden harvest tables and instead of the usual white wedding chairs we collected antique wooden pews and folding chairs.

Northern Minnesota wedding venue Juliane James Place

The fact that we are a small, individual-owned business in a sector of the wedding industry that is often faceless allows us to connect to clients in a way that just isn’t possible with many other venues.

We are also a gay-owned operation that understands the language of gay marriage and that believes that practicing same-sex marriage is AS important as fighting for it. We believe that marriage equality is good for the local wedding economy and we are proud to part of a community of vendors who also feel this way even though it isn’t a directly personal matter to them.

We have touched every part of our 40 acres and remodeled both the house and the cabin on the property ourselves and planted countless plants for the landscaping. We are so close to the product that is our venue that I am almost always covered in some sort of something or another, whether it be paint or dirt or sand from laying down our stone aisle. We literally do everything ourselves that we can and I communicate with each of the interested parties.

Northern Minnesota wedding venue Juliane James Place

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  • Kari CampbellFebruary 19, 2013 - 8:01 am

    I would love to know how much your venue is and are we allowed to bring ouw own food and beverages? Also, where are you located?