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Jennie {meet the members}

“Meet the Members” features the amazing wedding professionals that will be showcasing their craft at the November 14 event! Jennie of Sewell Photography will bring her eye for detail and love of color to the November 14 Independent Wedding Fair!

jennie sewell photographyWhat is your favorite part of a wedding? The moment the couple walks out together after the ceremony. They are so happy/relieved and ready to have fun!

Why weddings? I get giddy every time I am at a wedding, from the brides shoes, to the first time the couple sees each other, to the songs they play on the dance floor. I love that their is an opportunity to capture the full story of the day for them, and the expressions on their faces that ‘say it all’. To show them those moments later, and the feeling that rushes back when they see the photo. I feel like I and can truly relate to what the bride (and groom) are going through and I want to make sure they stay relaxed and have fun (oh yeah, and get great photos!).

What should people know about what you do? I am extremely organized and I help them manage the timeline of the day and make sure we are all on the same page before the wedding day comes. I like to get to know them as friends so that the day of the wedding they are super comfortable with me.

What new wedding tradition do you want to get more love? Doing your own thing! There are no rules (besides the vows), make it your own! Personally, I love the idea of letting each bridesmaid wear a different dress or hold different flowers. Also funky shoes and socks rock!

How does your style differentiate you? What sets you apart? I think my style captures the day and tells the full story in a documentary way, but also brings in an element of fun/stylized photos that will bring out the couples personalities.

Are your clients mostly from Minnesota? Probably most of them are from Minnesota, but I have also photographed weddings in places like Punta Cana Dominican Republic, Vail Colorado, St. Thomas Virgin Islands, Riviera Maya Mexico, and other states in the Midwest. I love finding the beauty in whatever location I’m in.

Cake or cupcakes? Cake for adults, cupcakes for the kids, then you get to do both.

Do you ever watch the wedding shows on TV (say yes to the dress, bridezilla, etc)? You would think I would avoid these shows when I’m not “working” but I do find my self turning them on if I’m “flipping”. (although I rarely have time to watch TV besides in the winter when I’m in hibernation). More so the ones that give cute ideas like Martha Stewart. I also like to watch what the photographers do:)

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