About Us

The Independent Wedding Association is building more than a group of small businesses, we are building a community. A community of locally-run, creative, passionate businesses serving weddings and collaborating to tell the best stories for our clients.

We are member-funded and member-run. We offer monthly networking meetings for our members, events for the community, professional development opportunities for the industry, and celebratory content.

In an effort to maintain the high quality of our membership, all applicants should expect a meeting with a member of our membership board as part of their application process. This meeting is important for us to understand your business, your passion for weddings, and your commitment to participating in the Independent Wedding Association community.

We accept new members on a merit basis. By selecting artisans who concentrate on providing great service and an excellent value, we ensure that the IWA name stands for quality.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How are applicants chosen?
Applications for membership are reviewed by our membership board.

What is the cost to participate?
Cost of membership is currently $250/year. Participation in events is not obligatory for members, but events (open house, etc) are additional cost.

Are all applicants accepted into the IWA?
No, applicants are screened based on our criteria of creativity, closeness to product, and professionalism. We are dedicated to maintaining our balance of passionate and experienced wedding professionals.

Do new applicants have to have been in business for a certain amount of time?
While there’s no set cut off, a longer track record reflects dedication and offers more concrete experiences to discuss and assess. Typically, our members have been in business (full time) for at least three years.

Do new applicants have to know an IWA member?
Not at all! If you have not worked with an IWA member in the past, you should expect to meet in person with a member of the IWA as part of your application. We want to make sure that you are serious about your business, passionate about weddings, and excited about IWA membership. If you do know an IWA member, then we will simply start by asking the refering IWA member about the experience of working with you. We may still require an in-person meeting.

If I know and IWA member, does that mean I am automatically accepted?
No – we will continue to use the same standards of assessing membership qualifications as we always have. We will also rely on the personal experience of a referring IWA member or an in-person interview to assess those qualifications.