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About Membership

The Independent Wedding Association is a group of local wedding businesses serving the Minneapolis-St Paul metro area and the Midwest. We are member-funded and member-run.

All of our members are locally-owned, established businesses and share a common passion for helping couples plan the wedding they want. Unlike many wedding industry associations, the IWA accepts new members on a merit basis. By aggressively selecting artisans who concentrate on providing great service and an excellent value, we ensure that the IWA name stands for quality.

All prospective Independent Wedding Association members are assessed on four basic characteristics:

PERSONAL STAKE. Many larger wedding companies have investors who employ bosses who employ managers who employ help to handle your wedding. We want to find vendors who are close to the products and services they offer, and have a direct hand in making your day special.

VALUE. “Independent” doesn’t mean “high cost” or “low-cost,” it means a good cost for the level of service and experience they provide. We look for local people who are determined to give a lot of bang for a buck, often by not having the infrastructure that larger businesses might have. Our association features vendors who are a good value at many levels of price, from entry level to high end.

CREATIVE FLAIR. We don’t think there’s any one “right” way to do a wedding. Some brides might value vintage flair, or gothic chic, or want to spend all of their money on cake. That’s okay. We embrace vendors who do things out of the ordinary, and brides and grooms who aren’t content to have their day determined by the wedding industry’s current whims.

WARMTH. We believe that a wedding is an incredibly special and joyous occasion, and we seek vendors who will feel the same way. We work to find members who are excited to be in this business, and who will treat a wedding day with a level of respect and personal warmth that reflects the importance of the occasion.

The Independent Wedding Association is committed to providing a high-quality experience to both vendors and couples.