About Membership

Hi! Are you running a wedding business in the Twin Cities area and looking for more connection? The Independent Wedding Association be a good fit for you.

We were started in 2010 as a way to connect couples with local, awesome, creative wedding businesses. We have grown to offer professional development opportunities for our members through workshops, networking and meetups for our members and occasionally for the larger small business community.

We are member-funded and we create events and opportunities based on how best our members want to show off their businesses to the community – sometimes that is with alternative wedding fairs, open house events, business workshops, or publications. In the past 6 years, we have hosted events from large to small, published a print edition of a magazine, and connected many local couples looking for awesome vendors.

Unlike many wedding industry associations, the IWA accepts new members on a merit basis. By aggressively selecting artisans who concentrate on providing great service and an excellent value, we ensure that the IWA name stands for quality.

Interested wedding businesses must meet the following criteria for membership before applying to join the Independent Wedding Association:

PERSONAL STAKE. We want to find vendors who are close to the products and services they offer, and have a direct hand in working with clients on their wedding day.

COMMUNITY BUILDING. Our members share their expertise with each other, with the couples they serve, and with the larger small business community. We are building a community of creative businesses. As part of that, we warmly embrace all kinds of weddings and couples and have been vocally supportive of legalized same sex marriage in Minnesota.

ESTABLISHED BUSINESS. Our members are running businesses for the long-haul and take their business practices seriously, from pricing to collaboration to customer service. That means they are an exceptional value for the level of service and experience they provide.

WARMTH. We believe that a wedding is an incredibly special and joyous occasion, and we seek vendors who will feel the same way. We work to find members who are excited to be in this business, and who will treat a wedding day with a level of respect and personal warmth that reflects the importance of the occasion.

The Independent Wedding Association is committed to providing a high-quality experience to both vendors and couples. 

If you are interested in joining, you can Apply for membership